Bacon, guns and the ‘Buckshot Caucus’; Who really runs GOP politics in Utah?

Buckshot CaucusUtahPolicy is told that members of the GOP “Illuminati” Buckshot Caucus are at it again inside the Utah Legislature.

The 170-member group is made up of Establishment Republican insiders, both officeholders, staff and lobbyists, among others.

They have their own logo and lapel pin.

Sources say that they love guns, bacon and like to believe they are the real powers behind the GOP throne in Utah – wherever that throne may be.

“We’ve had more than 1,000 people ask to be part of the group,” one mysterious member told UtahPolicy, using a slight Italian accent – which sounded pretty weird.

The group has not-so-quietly opposed the archconservatives who regularly try to influence Republican Party politics in the state.

And were instrumental, UtahPolicy is told, in getting a majority of party Central Committee members to agree to dropping the state’s federal appeals court appeal on SB54.

Maybe, maybe not.

Who knows how this Buckshot Caucus black hand moves inside the halls of power.