Local Headlines 2-23-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Utah is sticking its neck out for small amount of internet sales tax

Editorial: Utah makes right call to step back from lands suit

State’s lands stance costs future bike shows

House calls for more frequent school bus inspections

Utah Senate gives early nod to medical marijuana research bill

Hatch touts Bears Ears rejection, Obamacare repeal during visit to Utah Legislature

Utah Senate sees sales tax change as priority, puts income tax reform on pause

Utah lawmakers set out to wrangle wild horses from BLM’s control – and earmark them for slaughter

Democrats look to fix party fouls

Utah Senate keeps abortion language out of telemedicine bill in first vote

Brokered deal allows ‘reformer’ to join UTA despite nepotism concerns

Gehrke: What’s bogging down Utah’s liquor law overhaul? Too many cocktail chefs behind the Zion Curtain

After long controversy, UTA adopts new committee structure

Bill would increase penalties for drug crimes near homeless shelters — against the intent of the JRI, some say

Agent grilled about why feds backed away from charging Swallow, Shurtleff

Deseret News

Op-ed: Re-empowerment of the states and Utah’s HCR 6

A. Scott Anderson: Pharma’s opportunity to keep prices in check

Lawmakers want feds to rein in wild horse problem — or Utah will

Bill will require two annual inspections of school buses

Should failure to disclose HIV or AIDS be considered rape?

GOP legislative leaders still working on tax reform plan

Hatch tells state lawmakers Trump looking at Bears Ears, Grand Staircase

Lawmaker wants to fuel food trucks’ success by simplifying licensing

Bill aims to put mass transit funds where Utah populations need it most

Bill protecting voter registration information held by committee

Lawmakers consider letting voters rank choices for candidates

Lawmakers support making drug dealing near homeless shelters a felony

Defense attorney, FBI agent go toe-to-toe in John Swallow trial

Students present resolution to protect undocumented classmates

Equality Utah says bill sponsor ‘acknowledged merit’ of lawsuit against State School Board

Lawmaker revives concealed carry bill, leaving critics ‘dismayed’


Senate committee recommends bill to reduce regulations on food trucks (Daily Herald)

N.O. Mayor Brent Taylor sworn in as UTA board member, despite nepotism policy (Standard-Examiner)