Love: Dodd-Frank must go

Rep. Mia LoveRep. Mia Love is not a fan of the Dodd-Frank financial regulations, and welcome’s President Trump’s efforts to loosen them.

Love spoke on Utah’s Capitol Hill on Thursday. She told lawmakers that the raft of regulations passed in the wake of the 2007-2008 financial crisis was overkill and is holding back the nation’s economy.

“Imagine a child who has a fever,” she said. “As a parent, you want to address that fever, so you grab Tylenol, which has a specific dose. Dodd-Frank was like giving a child an entire bottle of Tylenol.”

Love said her opposition to Dodd-Frank does not mean she is downplaying the severity of the financial crisis, but she wants to make sure the response is proportional.

“This has hurt the ability for people to get access to capital. It’s hurting innovation and hurting our ability to fix our infrastructure. I’ve always said you can’t have capitalism without capital.”

One of the first executive orders signed by President Trump after taking office was to chip away at some of the regulations established by Dodd-Frank.

Love also told legislators she is “unabashedly” pro-life, but she is also working to get contraceptive drugs into the hands of adult women.

The GOP-controlled Congress will not just repeal Obamacare, and not replace it.
“We will not leave you in the lurch” for health care, she promised.

“We want to bring more free market” principles to health care, she said.
And her bit part in that is to ensure birth control drugs can become over-the-counter.
It could drop a women’s monthly birth control pills from $30 to $3, she said.

For girls under 18, only a parent or legal guardian could buy them for her – but with those approvals, the cost would still allow many low-income girls to get the protection.

“I want women to have as many choices” in the family planning “as they can before they get to the place of no choices.”

“I want to protect life at all stages,” she said concerning her support to control abortions.