Herbert: Governors can help Congress create efficient, resilient Medicaid program

In an op-ed, Gov. Gary Herbert urges Congress to learn from the experience of the 50 states as it overhauls Obamacare and considers needed reforms to Medicaid. America’s governors deserve a seat at the table, argues Herbert, “because it is the states that actually run the Medicaid program and it is the states that regulate insurance. States need Medicaid to be sustainable, flexible and equitable.”

Writes Herbert at The Daily Caller:

As a governor, there are two basic facts about our healthcare system that keep me up at night: (1) Our insurance marketplace is in crisis and (2) Medicaid continues to consume more and more of our state budget. Consider that on the federal exchanges in Utah this past year, premiums rose 30 percent and 13 of our 29 counties now have only a single option for health insurance coverage.

That is why I am pleased to see how governors from around the country are coalescing around some common sense principles that can help Congress improve our Medicaid program. And this time around, I am hopeful that Congress will take the time to get it right.  Governors and the states didn’t have a seat at the table when the ACA was being crafted, but this time we have been invited to participate.