Legislature preparing to finish up final spending bills

Utah State CapitolLawmakers have been scouring the budget and expect to have at least $12-15 million to spend on the so-called “money bills” before the Legislature adjourns on Thursday night.

Sources tell UtahPolicy.com that they’ve been able to find some extra money for funding, including reclaiming $4 million for a Medicaid appropriation that was “in the wrong place.”

In fact, sources tell us that $12-15 million could be “a conservative” number before all is said and done.

House and Senate lawmakers have been prioritizing which of the remaining bills will be funded this year. Sources say the final appropriations bill could see the light of day sometime on Wednesday.

“We’ve been sweeping the corners pretty thoroughly for spare change,” said one source. “We should have a pretty good pile of dust when we’re done.”