Local Headlines 3-13-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Problems of lower alcohol limit are many, and the advantages are non-existent

Op-ed: With legislators falling short, the people must step up to fund schools

Op-ed: Rep. Love on right track with over-the-counter birth control

Editorial: Teacher-bonus bill will be a test-based test

Editorial: The good and the bad of the 2017 Utah Legislature

Gehrke: What Gov. Gary Herbert would have said if I were his speechwriter

Winder at center of conservative infighting over online tax

New shelter to be in West Valley or South Salt Lake — cities already bearing plenty of state burdens, residents say

Utah senator pointed to his daughter — a plural wife — to push passage of polygamy bill

Prepping to gain control of thousands of acres of public land, Utah lawmakers create ‘Department of Land Management’

ICE detains Kenyan immigrants — a Utah couple who believed they were complying with the law

Meet the Democrat running against Rep. Jason Chaffetz — and raising loads of money

Reviews mixed from environmental advocates on legislative action for clean air, water

‘Sister Wives’ say it may be time for polygamists to leave Utah

Critiques of her leadership style aside, Biskupski says she ‘loves’ being mayor

Rio Grande homeless assessment: Half from outside Utah, many have been to jail or prison

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: If space aliens watched the lawmaking process

Op-ed: Instead of protesting, let’s talk

Patricia Jones: Should Salt Lake County be a pizza or a doughnut?

Hal Boyd: A conservative case for Donald Trump?

Op-ed: Border tax will harm Utah small businesses and consumers

Op-ed: Legislature’s expansion of educational options is just the beginning

Op-ed: Keep Utah children healthy and families strong: Protect Medicaid

Editorial: Jon Huntsman Jr. demonstrates selfless civic service once again

Editorial: Utah Compromise represents the best of what can happen when competing interests listen to each other

Jay Evensen: Only a few get to be ‘in the room where it happens’

West Valley, South Salt Lake under consideration for third homeless resource center

Here are all the countries that have lower blood-alcohol limits than Utah

Kenyan couple in Utah for a decade faces deportation; ICE says they overstayed visitor visas

Utah budget boils down to people, services

Utah’s US attorney included in mass resignation request

2017 Legislature: Here’s what happened — and what didn’t

Lawmakers brought humor and celebration into policy discussions

2017 changes to liquor laws join other significant state actions

Many Utah refugees frightened by impending executive order

Affordable housing incentives bill awaits governor’s signature

Legislature takes action on law enforcement, criminal justice reforms


Editorial: Gov. Herbert should sign these bills (Daily Herald)

16 bills that failed or passed during the 2017 legislative session (Daily Herald)

2017 Utah legislature: Food tax hike avoided but still no rest for working-poor (Standard-Examiner)

Legislators, economist say food tax was destined to fail (Standard-Examiner)

Ogden restaurant operators cheer, lament Utah alcohol measures (Standard-Examiner)

Republican leaders call for unity, continued momentum at annual Lincoln Day Dinner (Logan Herald Journal)