McMullin could challenge Hatch or Chaffetz in 2018

Evan McMullinFormer independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin says he is open to running against Sen. Orrin Hatch or Rep. Jason Chaffetz in 2018.

The Hill reports that McMullin said he would run for elected office again during a Reddit “ask me anything” online chat. 

“It is likely that I will seek public office again,” McMullin said in a Reddit “ask me anything” chat. “That might be in 2018 or it might be sometime down the road, perhaps very far down the road.


“It is possible that I will challenge Chaffetz or Senator Hatch, but there are a lot of factors that go into that decision. One of the primary factors is what the people of Utah want.”


McMullin has floated taking on Hatch — the longest-serving GOP senator in history — before. But this appears to be the first time he’s mentioned possibly running against Chaffetz.


“Plenty of people outside of Utah or who do not vote in the Republican primary are eager to see Chaffetz replaced, for example,” McMullin said. “But he may be supported by his Republican primary voters and, if so, that has to be taken into account.”

McMullin got 22% of the vote from Utah during the 2016 presidential campaign, coming in third place behind Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.