Herbert signs bill to strengthen impaired driving laws

At its core, I believe H.B. 155 is good public policy. I signed it into law to help strengthen Utah’s impaired driving laws and to reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths on our roads. I will call a special session to address the unintended and collateral consequences of this bill before it takes effect on Dec. 31, 2018. Public safety is our focus. This law does not target drinking; it is a public safety law that targets impaired driving.

I thank the many individuals and stakeholders who have called, written, and visited me to provide valuable input on this issue, both for and against. As governor, my ultimate responsibility is to evaluate this input and determine whether or not the bills placed on my desk will make good public policy. Moreover, our primary objective with the enactment of any new law is to improve the quality of life and safety of our citizens. This law will save lives, therefore it is good public policy and will move us closer to achieving our goal of “Zero Fatalities.”

I invite all concerned stakeholders to engage in the upcoming public hearings and legislative meetings that will be held by the Utah State Legislature in the next few months to help modify and improve this important public safety measure.

Additional information related to roadway safety from the National Transportation Safety Board can be found here.