Chaffetz signals he’s ready to get more aggressive investigating the Trump administration

Jason ChaffetzHouse Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, who has been roundly criticized for his reluctance to investigate the Trump White House, says that’s about to change.


The Daily Caller reports Chaffetz is ready to press Trump administration on issues including former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn’s connections to foreign governments. 

Chaffetz also intends to ask the White House for documents his committee requested during the Obama administration that were never delivered.

“As we turn the corner into April, there will a little bit of an attitude adjustment on the oversight committee,” the Utah Republican said, describing his plan for letters and other requests to the Trump administration for documents. “I do plan on getting much more aggressive.”


The new attitude appears to stem from Chaffetz’ belief that “the House in particular has been a bunch of wimps” in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities. His remarks came during an address at the headquarters of the non-profit government watchdog Judicial Watch.

However, Chaffetz says he’s not apt to investigate alleged connections between the Trump presidential campaign Russia. Instead, he plans to leave that investigation to other Congressional committees.

Chaffetz mentioned the investigation of allegations of improper links between the Trump administration and Russia, but said the House Intelligence Committee was much better suited to lead the probe. “I do have great faith in Chairman [Devin] Nunes,” he said.

Chaffetz previously said he did not have plans to investigate the Trump White House. He was jeered by attendees at a February town hall meeting in Utah who chanted “do your job” at him.