Local Headlines 4-3-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Holly Richardson: To kill this beast, we must be willing to talk

Op-ed: Reprocessing nuclear waste and Yucca Mountain worth another look

Op-ed: Drive innovation with a national laboratory at Point of the Mountain

Op-ed: Utah Democrats can effect real change if they’ll vote in GOP primaries

Editorial: Utah and the ACLU on the same side, the right side, vs DEA

Editorial: Homeless site selection is a big step, but only the first one.

South Salt Lake mayor vows to fight county to uphold its promises about new homeless center site

Riverton: Pulling out of police service area will enable better control of service levels, costs

Fewer Utahns going without health insurance, though obstacles persist

Crews tackle cleanup of trash, waste, needles around homeless shelter

‘Do your job’: Crowd boos border wall, health overhaul at Rep. Stewart town hall

UDOT outlines its wish list for spending $1 billion

Alcohol: Blanding putting beer and wine sales on the ballot

Poll: Many Utahns know people who seek treatment for opioid addiction, but barriers remain

Documents: Safety problems worse in other TRAX locales than where fence will go up near homeless shelter

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Watching federal train wrecks from local perspective

Op-ed: Utah’s public education system needs improvement

Op-ed: Transparency efforts during the 2017 legislative session bring more light to government

Editorial: Finding new shelter locations only part of the process

Editorial: Utah deserves notice for its online privacy laws

Mayor calls plan for homeless shelter a ‘lethal blow’ for South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake residents not ready to accept new homeless shelter site

Utah wildlife managers lament prairie dog ruling

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit over natural gas leases

Rowdy crowd greets Rep. Stewart at first town hall since infamous Chaffetz meeting

More than 100 turn out for rally and march to show support for homeless


Editorial: Initiative puts Pleasant Grove on rocky road (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Telecoms got what they wanted from the Utah congressional delegation (Standard-Examiner)

State of emergency declared in Box Elder, Cache counties for February flooding (Standard-Examiner)

Jail’s new role doesn’t signal local immigrant crackdown (Logan Herald Journal)

New Summit County sales tax rate goes into effect April 1 (Park Record)

Park City housing efforts will take decades, mayor says (Park Record)