National Headlines 4-4-17

Susan Rice’s White House Unmasking: A Watergate-style Scandal (National Review)

Police Unions Hail Trump’s Easing of Scrutiny. Local Officials Worry. (New York Times)

Border agency fields pitches for Trump’s wall with Mexico (Washington Post)

Ivanka Trump talks to CBS’ Gayle King: ‘I want to be force for good’ (USA Today)

Senate plunges toward historic rules change in Supreme Court standoff (Washington Post)

Kelly denies rogue ICE agents, but tells Hispanic caucus he’ll check into it (CNN)

Boeing inks Iran airline deal as Trump threatens to revisit sanctions (Washington Post)

Donald Trump tells banks he will give laws a ‘haircut’ (BBC News)

‘Panic’ as last-minute H1-B visa measures hit (USA Today)

White House studying carbon tax, value-added tax: report (The Hill)

Ten companies pull ads from O’Reilly show (The Hill)