Hatch says he’s planning on running in 2018 (with video)

Sen. Orrin Hatch says he’s planning on running for an 8th term in 2018, and that Mitt Romney will not enter the race.


KUTV reports that Hatch, in a conversation with Rod Decker, is set to launch a bid for another term in the Senate next year.

Hatch said he is in good health and believes he can do a good job in an eighth term.


Hatch told Decker that he and Romney have discussed the Senate run, and Romney confirmed he will not run. The incumbent senator says if his health or his wife’s health decline, he would reconsider his decision to seek an eighth term.

Recently Hatch said he would step aside if a very qualified person, specifically Romney, were to run. Romney was reportedly taking a close look at running for Hatch’s Senate seat next year, going so far as to speak with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about the seat.

Another potential challenger for Hatch’s seat is former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman. A recent UtahPolicy.com survey showed most Utahns want Huntsman to run in 2018.

There are two Democrats considering challenging for Hatch’s seat in 2018 as well. Salt Lake County Councilwoman Jenny Wilson says she will decide sometime in April whether to launch a campaign against Hatch, while Scott Howell is mulling taking on Hatch for a third time.

If Hatch runs in 2018, he would be just the 7th Senator to seek an 8th term in Washington. 

Here’s video of Hatch’s interview with Decker. Forward to 2:01 to see his response about running again.