Facebook fueling anti-Trump sentiment online

Facebook is becoming a vital tool for the left in their fight against the Trump administration.


Axios reports that most of the Facebook pages generating reader interest are Democratic-leaning sites who often post content critical of Trump and his associates. Axios’ Sara Fischer says the left is using the same online tactics that conservatives used to fuel outrage at Obama.

Facebook is a good tool for observing the rise of political movements: And its role in activism will only grow bigger. New tools, like call-to-action buttonsfundraising buttons and buttons to contact elected officials, combined with traditional tools, like mass-event invitations, make it easy for political groups to form and spread on Facebook. For example, The Women’s Marches that made national headlines all over the country in January were organized by one woman on Facebook and according to a University of Maryland study cited by CNN, 70% of people who attended the march in Washington heard about the event on Facebook.

20170412 Online Engagement Chart