Corporate responsibility: Utah | Water is your business

Businesses play an important role in making the community a better place. That’s why the Salt Lake Chamber works to support our members in their efforts in environmental stewardship, community service, volunteering and corporate giving.

In an effort to acknowledge the accomplishments of member businesses and encourage others to follow suit, the Chamber has formed several Corporate Responsibility programs. The programs focus on some of our key policy priorities and provide our member businesses a different way to connect to issues they care about. One such program is the Water Champions program.

As the second driest state in the nation, water should be top of mind for all Utahns. Water isn’t just an environmental issue; it’s also a matter of economic concern. Water touches every sector of our economy. This finite resource is the mainspring of everything we value — our families, homes, food, jobs and environment.

The Water Champions program recognizes Utah businesses that implement water optimization and conservation strategies and those that utilize best water management practices. The program also provides tools and resources for small business to learn how to do their part to conserve.

In 2014, the Chamber established the “Utah | Water is Your Business” initiative. Since then, we have worked with Governor Gary Herbert, the Legislature, major water districts and Envision Utah on various water policy related issues and programs.

This month the Chamber will be hosting its 3rd annual “Utah | Water is Your Business” forum. It’s an opportunity to learn from local and national water experts about best management practices, new innovation and technology, and ways businesses can get involved in creatively addressing our state’s water challenges.

As Utah’s business leader, the Salt Lake Chamber believes by working together we can invoke our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to find the best solutions to ensure Utah’s water future. 

Lane Beattie
President & CEO
Salt Lake Chamber