Local Headlines 5-22-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Health care reform must continue – in Utah and across America

Editorial: Follow governor’s path to a special election

Editorial: Beyond pay, teachers need flexibility to succeed

Gehrke: Herbert standing up for voters in Chaffetz replacement

Safer, cleaner, less chaotic — changes coming to the Rio Grande neighborhood

Candidates plunge into widening pool to replace Chaffetz

$1 billion windfall for Utah highways divided among projects

Utah sets condensed special election calendar — and it’s already started

Gehrke: Guv v. Legislature about to turn into ‘House of Cards’ meets ‘Game of Thrones’

New Utah GOP chairman vows to fix party’s debt, win back disenfranchised conservatives

Decision made on site of homeless men’s shelter — but who decided, and when?

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Washington circus impacts public policy and Utah delegation

Op-ed: Navajo people have already been restricted enough

Hal Boyd: Mormon political royalty run in Colorado

Op-ed: Utah’s caucus system is still the best option

Op-ed: Rep. Love works for those who need health care

Editorial: With education, the Beehive State can learn from the Finnish model

Gov. Herbert takes control of special election process to fill Rep. Chaffetz’s seat

Candidates scrambling to replace Rep. Jason Chaffetz in Utah’s 3rd District

S.L. mayor, Utah senators jockey for Trump’s ear on monuments

Utah Republicans choose new party chairman and more moderate direction

Fraying social fabric hurting nation’s economy, Sen. Mike Lee says


Editorial: Tough decisions ahead on infrastructure (Daily Herald)

Special election planned to replace Jason Chaffetz; Utah County legislators announce candidacies (Daily Herald)

Lawmaker hosts lands transfer town hall (Logan Herald Journal)