National Headlines 5-25-17

Gianforte wins Montana special election (Politico)

Explosive Revelation of Obama Administration Illegal Surveillance of Americans (National Review)

Iran says it has built third underground ballistic missile factory (Reuters)

Trump scolds NATO allies on defense spending (The Hill)

Senate staff to draft health bill during recess (The Hill)

Federal appeals court maintains freeze of Trump’s travel ban. Attorney general vows Supreme Court appeal. (Washington Post)

Housing Secretary Ben Carson Says Poverty Is A ‘State Of Mind’ (NPR)

Backers of pot legalization hope for compromise in Vermont (Washington Post)

Mark Zuckerberg joins Silicon Valley bigwigs in calling for government to give everybody free money (CNBC)

Retailers cheer GOP retreat on ending debit card fees limit (ABC News)

Census: Texas has 4 of top 5 fastest growing large US cities (Miami Herald)