Lee says Trump put people first when he nixed Paris climate agreement (with video)

Sen. Mike Lee says President Trump made the right decision, putting people first when he decided to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord.

Lee was a guest on PBS Newshour when he applauded President Trump’s move to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

Look, this was a right decision. This was the right thing to do. When President Obama entered into this agreement a couple years ago, he didn’t submit it to the United States Senate for ratification as a treaty.


He didn’t do that because he knew there was absolutely no way he could get the two-thirds supermajority vote necessary in order to get this ratified, in order to make it the law of the land as a governing treaty. He didn’t do that. And, consequently, it was entirely foreseeable that when a different president from a different party with a different point of view came along, he wouldn’t move forward with it.


President Trump did that today because he decided this wasn’t in the interest of the United States of America. He did the right thing.

Lee also said private innovation and free market forces, not government oversight will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We will proceed, by the way, I should add, as a global leader in environmental regulation. We are a global leader in the rule of law. We have brought down emissions in this country through our legal system and through technological innovation.


We can do this on our own. We don’t have to have the permission of countries all over the world to do that. We have done it pretty well. We have done it much better than a lot of our would-be partners in this agreement.