SLCC Promise, Aerospace Pathways win Envision Utah awards

Salt Lake Community College, during an event at the State Capitol, received Envision Utah’s “Your Utah, Your Future” award for SLCC Promise, a unique program that helps qualifying students at SLCC pay for their college education.

Envision Utah also recognized the Utah Aerospace Pathways program, of which SLCC is a partner.

The Envision Utah award for Promise recognizes steps SLCC has taken to “advance quality growth principles” in Utah and to improve the lives of its residents. SLCC Promise helps eligible, full-time students pay for their education by covering the cost of tuition and fees when federal grants fall short. SLCC Promise has helped about 700 students, exceeding 1,000 awards worth approximately $800,000 in value since the program started last year.

To be eligible for SLCC Promise funds, students first must exhaust other sources of financial aid, including federal Pell grants, VA chapter benefits, scholarships and other tuition waivers. With requirements to develop an academic plan in collaboration with an academic advisor, maintain a 2.0 GPA and attend full time, SLCC Promise is providing a pathway for students to succeed and complete their degrees at SLCC. 

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