National Headlines 6-8-17

Comey: Lynch asked for Clinton investigation to be called a ‘matter’ (CNN)

Dershowitz: Comey confirms that I’m right – and all the Democratic commentators are wrong (FOX News)

U.K. election: P.M. May appears short of majority, Labour’s Corbyn calls on her to resign (Axios)

59% say news media make them angry, dissatisfied (Washington Examiner)

Comey rips media for ‘dead wrong’ Russia stories (The Hill)

Rep. Trey Gowdy wins Oversight gavel (The Hill)

An LGBT group says it was barred from a Pride parade because it supports Trump (CNN)

Trump administration’s rollback of ‘joint-employer’ rule eases liability for McDonald’s, others (Chicago Tribune)

House Republicans threaten consumer watchdog with contempt of Congress (Los Angeles Times)

Trump celebrates coal mine opening in Pennsylvania (The Hill)

Stocks hit record highs while Comey testifies—and some say the rally will rage on (CNBC)

Bill to Erase Some Dodd-Frank Banking Rules Passes in House (New York Times)