Local Headlines 6-16-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Utah needs to have a look at burdensome school fees

Zika-prone mosquitoes virus are in Vegas. Here’s why southern Utah officials aren’t too concerned.

Utah retains top bond rating as it readies to begin $1 billion-plus borrowing spree

Provo Mayor John Curtis says running as a Democrat 20 years ago tarred him with many conservatives

Rolly: Sorry, West Jordan, West Valley gets the liquor store and its spoils

South Salt Lake mayor’s political fund director steps down after questions are raised about her lucrative city contracts

Well-funded Democratic candidate in special election draws criticism from her in-party rivals

Latest draft of state water strategy still includes controversial water projects

New Utah facility will be able to power a Bountiful-size city by digesting food waste, turning it into natural gas

Here’s what Republican candidates for Jason Chaffetz’s seat want to do in office

Democrats who seek Chaffetz’s seat agree on disliking Trump and vary on health care

Deseret News

Greg Bell: We expect too much of government. It can’t solve every issue

Editorial: Partisan violence is a crime against democracy, civility and humanity

11 GOP candidates hoping to win Chaffetz’s seat gather in Lehi

Governor’s team looks to shore up Utah’s water future

This candidate for Chaffetz’s seat just got featured by the L.A. Times

Groups make pitches for adjustments to how Utah’s Medicaid dollars can be used

Republican, Democratic parties to nominate candidates to replace Chaffetz

Utah imam, a U.S. citizen, blocked from flying home, attorney says


Editorial: Utah’s Republicans need to turn out for convention — and eschew the attendance ‘fee’ (Daily Herald)

Saturday’s GOP convention will select only one candidate to head to primary (Daily Herald)

Eight GOP candidates for Jason Chaffetz’s seat gather for Q&A in Provo (Daily Herald)

Mayoral candidate John Fenley discusses plans to disincorporate Provo City on ‘What Say Ye?’ (Daily Herald)

Conservative and liberal join forces to introduce UTA reforms (Standard-Examiner)

Ogden mayor not focused on undocumented immigration, says that’s for the feds (Standard-Examiner)