Sen. Lee speaks on Senate floor about new Planned Parenthood videos

Senator Lee spoke on the Senate floor to continue raising awareness of the unconstitutional and inhumane activities happening in Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation and draw attention to the more recent undercover investigations by the Center for Medical Progress which occurred last month.

The speech reads in part:

“The Center for Medical Progress videos shock, but they don’t surprise. They don’t teach us anything we don’t already know. All they do is remind us of an inconvenient truth that demands our attention and our action. It is certainly spurring the pro-abortion political machine into action. As expected, the Center for Medical Progress is once again the target of criminal and civil investigations designed to intimidate further questions about the abortion industry’s methods and money. But the truth will out, Mr. President. But as we know, threats and intimidation are tactics of guilt and desperation, of the losing side in every battle ever fought. If Planned Parenthood were what they publicly declare themselves to be, they would welcome transparency. We all know why they hide because we know what they hide.

“…Little by little, the truth is fighting free, like green shoots through the forest. And on day, soon, we will reaffirm our nation’s principles in their dignified fullness and avow once again, that all men are created equal. All are entitled to life.”

Full text and video of the speech can be found here.