Local Headlines 6-26-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Holly Richardson: By picking Herrod, GOP delegates may have accidentally killed the caucus system

Op-ed: Trump’s cure for rising drug prices, importing drugs, won’t help

Editorial: Closing liquor store won’t cut off supply

Court to hear GOP’s SB54 appeal, so why isn’t Utah party’s new chief turning cartwheels?

Chaffetz submits letter to officially resign next week, meets with Trump at the White House

Council considers investigating whether troubled recorder Gary Ott actually lives in Salt Lake County

Gehrke: Marijuana initiative offers hope in face of legislative apathy — just ask my friend Forrest

Why is Rep. Chaffetz really leaving Congress? Five possibilities — that he may be keeping hush-hush

Congressman Jason Chaffetz limps to political sideline, but says he won’t leave the arena

Salt Lake County is becoming less Mormon — Utah County is headed in the other direction

Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s top career highlights: From a chart-gone-wrong to a run for speaker

Utah’s Mike Lee says there’s only one amendment that could get him to vote for the Senate health care bill

Deseret News

Frank R. Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb: Special election squabbles and Dem congressional losses

Paul Sharp: Public transit is a ‘phony’ miracle

Orrin Hatch: The Better Care Reconciliation Act is a win for health care in Utah

Ralph Becker: Agenda for a better public lands future in Utah and the West

Editorial: Fighting preventable summer fires puts a burden on public funds

Analysis: What Georgia and Maine could teach Utah about the Chaffetz special election

Trump calls Mike Lee a ‘good guy’ despite opposing health care bill

Chaffetz announces his resignation from Congress again for Utah lawmakers

Proposed oil and gas leases near Dinosaur National Monument stoke opposition

Advocates ready to launch whole-plant medical marijuana ballot initiative


Editorial: Lots of things mattered to Utah lawmakers in 2017. But not special elections (Standard-Examiner)

Cache School District has plenty of land in waiting (Logan Herald Journal)