Local Headlines 6-28-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: The promise of digital teaching and learning

Sheryl Allen: We deserve nonpartisan elections in education

Editorial: Real people benefit from open government laws

Utahns like what they see in the economy

Utah’s partisan school board elections are unconstitutional and exclusionary, advocates say. Now they’re suing

Sugar House streetcar to improve frequency, convenience with new stretch of double track

Utah Supreme Court tosses air-quality lawsuit over refinery expansion

State investigating $37,000 in missing public funds at closed liquor outlet

Trump’s BLM plans oil and gas leasing near Dino monument and San Rafael Swell

Salt Lake County Council approves committee to investigate Recorder Gary Ott’s residency

‘Sen. Hatch, Don’t Kill Us’ — Health care fight reaches the streets as protesters block traffic in downtown Salt Lake

Deseret News

Derek B. Miller: The U.S. must write the rules for the 21st century

Editorial: In LGBT-religion dialogue, try persuasion, not punishment

Lawsuit says Utah school board election shouldn’t be partisan

Consumer confidence in Utah rises in June

Parties jointly ask judge to extend stay in LGBT lawsuit

Accountability, power and money: New canyon commission raising questions

Hatch, Lee on opposite sides of Senate health care bill as vote postponed

Salt Lake County Council launches investigation into troubled recorder’s residency

‘Open season on all of us’: Organization for the disabled blocks State Street to protest health care bill


Editorial: Hatch should lead Senate’s restoration as ‘greatest deliberative body’ (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: Modern life in rural America requires high-speed internet (Standard-Examiner)

Weber County Latino population increases, outpacing white growth (Standard-Examiner)