National Headlines 6-28-17

A bullet hole, a mystery and an FBI agent’s indictment — the messy aftermath of an Oregon standoff (Los Angeles Times)

Nancy Pelosi can’t be beaten (CNN)

Trump Travel Ban Said to Start Thursday Evening U.S. Time (Bloomberg)

Bob Woodward Chides NYT, Mainstream Media: ‘Fair Mindedness is Essential’ (Daily Caller)

The media will do anything to bash Trump — and now they’re hurting (New York Post)

CNN boss in crosshairs if AT&T-Time Warner merger approved (New York Post)

McConnell is trying to revise the Senate health-care bill by Friday (Washington Post)

Destruction of Arkansas’ Ten Commandments monument places spotlight on separation of church and state (Los Angeles Times)

Rauner, Madigan talk ‘compromise’ while doing little of it (Chicago Tribune)

Minimum Wage Critics Gain Ammunition From New Study (HuffPost)

Trump takes another swipe at Amazon, saying Bezos isn’t ‘paying internet taxes’ (CNBC)