National Headlines 6-29-17

John Podesta and Maria Bartiromo Epic Fight Over Russia Ties: ‘Get Your Facts Straight!’ (Mediaite)

Islamic State Is Near Defeat in Iraq, Prime Minister Says (Wall Street Journal)

61% of Americans support tax cuts for middle class (Gallup)

Editorial: The stars of 2020 (Concord Monitor)

Travel ban 2.0 in effect, court challenges begin (CNN)

What the Republican Health-Care Holdouts Want (Atlantic)

GOP scrambles to win centrist votes on ObamaCare repeal (The Hill)

House passes two bills to crack down on illegal immigration (CBS News)

Trump’s voter-fraud commission wants to know voting history, party ID and address of every voter in the US (Washington Post)

LaVoy Finicum shooting: FBI agent faces 5-count indictment (Oregonian)

The deficit is growing more quickly than Congress expected, setting the stage for a debt ceiling crunch (Washington Post)