National Headlines 7-5-17

Trump receives hero’s welcome in Poland (Daily Mail)

U.S., Russia Spar Over Approach to North Korea Threat (Wall Street Journal)

Inside the White House’s policymaking juggernaut (Politico)

A Declaration of Urban Independence (Politico)

Hacked computer server that handled DNC email remains out of reach of Russia investigators (Washington Times)

CNN Threatens a Trump Troll (National Review)

White House Backs Conservative Health Plan, but GOP Leaders Are Leery (New York Times)

Scalise back in intensive care (Politico)

Trump’s first paycheck to fund restoration projects at Antietam battlefield (CNN)

Rauner compares tax hike to ‘two-by-four’ even as veto override vote is set (Chicago Tribune)

Millions of student loans could be headed for a shakeup in coming months (USA Today)