Local Headlines 7-13-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Michelle Quist Mumford: Most of us are too busy to care who wins an election

Editorial: Utah treasurer is right to question use of mineral royalty money

Hoping to help create thousands of new rural jobs, Utah officials are hitting the road to network

Utah vet’s lawyers work to collect $8 million settlement from alleged terrorist Omar Khadr

Two studies give Utah state government Top 5 financial ratings

Utah rancher has a beef with state’s mandatory fees for marketing

One Utah city is banning aerial fireworks for Pioneer Day, hoping it ‘sends a message to the Legislature’

Move the downtown liquor store? Sure, employees say — but not because of homeless customers.

National booze group targets Utah governor and other ‘impaired’ older drivers to show ‘how silly’ Utah’s strict DUI law is

Fourth Street Clinic gets $550K to anchor network of homeless health services

State employee accidentally fires handgun at Utah attorney general’s office

Judge rejects Utah ranchers plea to evict wild horses

Utah’s Mike Lee compares Obamacare to car insurance in online town hall discussing health care bill

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Utah Amazon fulfillment center is a sign of the times, but don’t fear the future

A. Scott Anderson: Sensible financial regulatory reform will better serve consumers

Op-ed: Utah doesn’t have laws about leaving your pets in hot cars. Don’t reprimand me for my choices

Editorial: Utahns should engage early in special election process

Trump mulls spending $10 million to defeat Arizona senator, but the BYU grad embraces ‘tougher path’

Hatch questions FBI director nominee on Clinton emails, encryption

National beverage group likens Utah’s .05 DUI law to ‘driving while old’

Here’s how a rollback of net neutrality could affect your internet

A key to health insurance in Utah? U.S. citizenship

Holland at British Parliament: UVU model fixes divisions in education that abet broader social divide


Editorial: What’s obvious to city hall isn’t always clear to everybody else (Standard-Examiner)