Get to know the new Utah Transportation Coalition co-chairs

The Utah Transportation Coalition is happy to announce that Sophia DiCaro, Chief Compliance Officer at The Cynosure Group and Wade Sherman, Vice President and Lead Counsel for the Digital Marketing Division at Adobe, will serve as the organization’s 2017-2018 co-chairs.

Their expertise and unique perspectives will be valuable to the Coalition as it continues to advocate for transportation infrastructure investment.

Both DiCaro and Sherman are members of the newly formed Transportation Governance and Funding Task Force, a group created through 2017 legislation to help state leaders evaluate governance, configuration and organization, and better coordinate management and oversight of the state’s transportation systems.

Prior to her current role at The Cynosure Group, DiCaro held several positions within state government including Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. After serving for thirteen years under four different governors, DiCaro ran for office and served as a member of the Utah House of Representatives for one term. She is well-respected in both the public and private sector as a problem solver and advocate for many issues, including economic development and infrastructure investment.  

Wade Sherman joined Adobe in 2009, prior to which he spent five years at Omniture, first as the Director of Legal Affairs and later as Vice President of IP & Licensing. Before joining Omniture, Sherman spent time as an intellectual property attorney and was involved with the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee. Sherman serves on several community boards and is committed to giving the business community a leading voice on transportation issues to improve Utah’s environment, economy and quality of life.

As the co-chairs of the Utah Transportation Coalition, DiCaro and Sherman will help lead a group of prominent business leaders and influential community members to build on the Coalition’s strong, data-driven advocacy and community-led efforts. This includes advocating for transportation infrastructure investment and providing data and information to Utah’s elected and appointed officials who make key funding decisions. With a significant increase in population growth imminent, transportation and infrastructure needs to meet the demands of that growth must remain a top priority for the State of Utah. Sherman and DiCaro’s strong leadership, professional experience, and committed voices are crucial to the future success of the Utah Transportation Coalition and we look forward to their service.

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