Point of the Mountain Development Commission presents baseline scenario

The Utah Legislature’s Point of the Mountain Development Commission today released a baseline scenario prepared by Envision Utah.

In a presentation to the commission at the Utah State Capitol, Envision Utah outlined how the Point of the Mountain area would look in 2050 if the region continues on its current path without the strategic planning of the commission and successful implementation. 

The baseline scenario included projections for residential and commercial development; transportation infrastructure; job growth and workforce development; and air quality, open space, recreation and water use. Among the key findings were increased housing prices and transportation congestion. 

“The baseline scenario illustrates the need for strategy and collaboration in developing the Point of the Mountain area,” said commission co-chair Rep. V. Lowry Snow. “Current trends show how important this opportunity is for securing our state’s future economic success and quality of life.” 

The baseline scenario marks the beginning of phase two of the commission’s three-phase process. Envision Utah will now prepare alternative scenarios based upon feedback from public surveys and various stakeholders. They will create several viable strategies that will be available for public comment. 

“This scenario is just one possibility for the future of the Point of the Mountain,” said Robert Grow, chief executive officer of Envision Utah. “We will use the baseline for comparison as we create other scenarios. With input from stakeholders and Utah residents, we will ultimately generate a robust strategy for a better future.”

The Point of the Mountain Development Commission was created during the 2016 Legislative Session by H.B. 318. The commission is a unique entity comprised of local officials, private sector representatives, and state officials from both the legislative and executive branches. It is tasked with providing recommendations on infrastructure planning and financing tools to develop the area joining Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

To access Envision Utah’s reports to the commission, visit PointoftheMountainFuture.org.