Salt Lake County announces hiring of new Chief Information Officer

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams said that Zach Posner has accepted the job as the county’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). He will oversee the county’s Information Services (IS) division and will serve as a member of the mayor’s cabinet.

“Salt Lake County is a major organization that serves more than one million customers with a variety of needs.  We want our technology to align with the expectations of those customers in a way that is accessible, modern, reliable and secure. Zach has the technology and management skills the county needs in order to ensure that customer service meets expectations,” said McAdams.

McAdams said Posner comes to Salt Lake County from the private sector, working as the vice president for ecommerce and information technology for Black Diamond, Inc. In that position, he built a strong internal Business Intelligence and Data Management capability. Before that, Posner was the director of IT Operations at National Public Radio (NPR) in Washington, D.C., where among other assignments, he led a 3-year strategic planning project for IS Operations focused on service, reliability and agility. Posner holds a Bachelor of Science in History from Madison, WI as well as a Master of Science in IT Management from the American University Kogod School of Business. He and his wife have a young daughter. His start date is July 25th.