Launching the ‘Utah Prosperity Project’

This week we celebrate the arrival of pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley and the settling of the great state of Utah. Their legacy of hard work and community building is more than just part of our history – it is part of our heritage and culture. Those men and women laid the foundation for Utah’s current economic prosperity. 

That is why Pioneer Day is a fitting launch for the “Utah Prosperity Project” – an initiative to highlight Utah’s economic successes and areas for improvement.

Utahns hear all the time that our state is the best place for business and careers. Utah has the fastest growing economy and highest job growth rate in the nation. Additionally, Utah has the best economic outlook. And if that isn’t enough, Utah is consistently rated as the happiest state with the best quality of life. These accolades are truly remarkable, but we need to understand WHY and HOW Utah has achieved these goals and received these recognitions. This is essential to ensure Utahn’s continue to build upon our successes.

Utahns also must recognize areas where the state has work to do.  Constant effort and continuous improvement are needed to keep Utah from falling behind and to leave a legacy of prosperity for the future. 

This “Utah Prosperity Project” newsletter will provide a deeper look at WHY Utah is doing so well in areas like workforce development, international business and volunteerism. The newsletter will also highlight areas for improvement like education funding, homelessness and rural job growth to show we can overcome these challenges by adopting the pioneering spirit of collaboration and hard work.