Stephenson: Why I’m voting for Tanner Ainge

As a taxpayer advocate for 40 years and State Senator for 25 years, I am extremely concerned that the replacement we send to Washington to replace Jason Chaffez will be as fiscally conservative as he was.  

Tanner Ainge is the candidate that will be the strongest fiscal conservative and states’ rights advocate in Congress.  His business experience, financial acumen, strong conservative principles and fierce determination make me believe he is the best choice to represent our district in the U.S. House of Representatives. As I have drilled down to weigh Tanner’s skills, abilities, and principles I find him to be very much like a young Mitt Romney.  

While Utah continues to balance its budget year after year the federal government increases its deficits, national debt and unfunded obligations.  It is our moral obligation to future generations to end this reckless spending. Tanner Ainge will represent Utah values to Washington better than any GOP candidate.

In my roles as a taxpayer advocate and State Senator I have worked with Chris Herrod and John Curtis for decades, but neither of them is as right on the issues as Tanner Ainge.  Chris Herrod’s positions on some issues are exactly the opposite of Congressman Chaffetz.  Herrod’s childish and vulgar blog posts would be used effectively against him in November by the Democrat opponent.  John Curtis is the former Chair of the Utah County Democrat Party and has raised taxes, increased fees, and during his 8 years as mayor has increased spending by more than 40% in Provo. Curtis and Herrod are both unacceptable choices to replace Jason Chaffetz and should not be trusted with the Republican nomination.   

Please join me in making sure that Tanner Ainge becomes our next representative in Congress and that our district remains a solid voice for fiscally conservative policies.