Brand new super PAC spending big to support Tanner Ainge

Two more super PAC’s have joined the fray in the GOP 3rd District primary.

Conservative Utah is spending $13,000 on a direct mailer supporting Tanner Ainge. The group, based in Virginia, is also spending $120,000 on a TV ad for Ainge, which you can see below. Conservative Utah is a brand new organization, as they officially filed with the FEC on July 14, just two weeks ago.


The Senate Conservatives Action super PAC is putting up $51,000 for a TV ad in support of Chris Herrod.

Last week, the National Horizon super PAC, which is loosely affiliated with the Club for Growth put up $123,500 for a direct mailer and radio ad supporting Chris Herrod and opposing John Curtis.

Add to that the $5,700 that the Club for Growth has spent on a website slamming Curtis, and the total of outside spending so far in this year’s primary race is $314,118.82. All of that money is either going to boost the candidacies of Herrod or Ainge or to attack Curtis.

That influx of outside money is keeping pace with the individual donations to the candidates. 

The most recent financial disclosures found that 76% of donations to Herrod came from outside of the state, while 65% of Ainge’s donations were from outside of Utah. On the other hand, 89% of Curtis’ campaign donations were from inside Utah.

Ballots went out to Republican voters in the 3rd District this week.