Local Headlines 8-3-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Michelle Quist Mumford: A cautionary tale of incivility

Molina pulls out of Utah health insurance marketplace

National Park Service grants money to preserve Bear River Massacre site

As SLC airport passengers increase, TSA goes to the dogs to keep up

Airport says it’s time to make ’emergency’ taxi fare limits permanent

Judge overrules state election leaders, orders new Utah party and candidate to be included on special election ballot

Poll: 87% of Utahns are concerned about North Korea’s nuclear threat

State evaluating new voting machines for purchase but counties may have to pick up the tab

Julie Dole makes quick work with staffing changes in recorder’s office she’s overseeing for now

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Protecting the mayor should be a no-brainer

Op-ed: Utah leaders should restructure electricity market

Editorial: Differences over land management not as cut and dried as some believe

Judge orders state to put United Utah Party candidate on special election ballot

Sen. Orrin Hatch’s bill allowing rapid DNA headed to president’s desk

Now Wasatch County has sent GOP congressional primary ballots to unaffiliated voters

Online sales tax amnesty program launched in 13 states, including Utah

Molina out of federal health exchange in Utah, leaving 70K without carrier

Security on mind as state auditions new voting machines, software