‘Political Insiders’ doubt John Kelly will bring order to the White House

Our “Political Insiders” say despite an encouraging start, new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly will not be able to end the drama coming out of Washington.

In our unscientific survey, all three groups we queried thought General Kelly would not be able to impose discipline on the White House, specifically President Trump, who is prone to making make demonstrably false statements and lashing out unexpectedly on Twitter. That chaos has made Trump’s first 200 days in office feel like feel like three years.

In his first week as chief of staff, Kelly has brought a military-style discipline to the West Wing. The New York Times reports he has ordered the doors to the Oval Office remain closed to discourage staffers from kibbitzing with President Trump. He also is requiring staffers and even Trump’s family members to check in with him before speaking with the president. 

Kelly even went so far as to demand the firing of incoming White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci following a vulgar tirade by Scaramucci to a reporter.

While the early reviews are encouraging, our “Political Insiders” say they don’t expect it to last.

– 55% of our Republican insiders say Kelly will not be able to tamp down on the drama coming out of the White House.

– 93% of the Democrats on our panel say Gen. Kelly won’t be able to get a handle on the White House chaos.

– 71% of our readers say Kelly will not bring discipline to the Trump Administration.


Selected anonymous comments:

Doesn’t matter about the staff. It is the captain of the ship that causes his own drama!

Mooch wasn’t the problem. The president is, and we all know he will NEVER change.

His military background will set a tone.

Trump will not be reined in by the general, at least, not for long. Discipline is not in Trump’s repertoire.

He will benefit from the overall effort to establish order, but organizational culture starts at the top. The president simply doesn’t have the self-discipline to maintain order for long.

He will bring order, but the left wing media, with an agenda, won’t report it that way!

If shaking the status quo establishment to its timbers qualifies as drama, I’m all for it.

President Trump’s skills in choosing staff members are poor at best. I hope the General can rein in the chaos. Obvious party differences aside, this is not at all like the “West Wing” TV series. His job is to be the leader of the free world, not the star of the “Apprentice.”  Next, I expect to see a neon sign on the White House: “Trump Last Resort.”

He will bring order and if they can pass something this fall the order will remain. If not, President Impatient will go ape s**t.

The drama stems from the oval office, not the chief of staff or press secretary or any other staffers.

Kelly will improve things, but it’s simply impossible to bring discipline and order to the White House as long as President Trump is in office.

Kelly, as good as he is, won’t be there in a year. He won’t tolerate the lack of cooperation, competence & maturity from the rest of the nut jobs in the White House.

We may see a short term change, but long term I believe drama will reign.

The President will not change who he is, but I believe things will be less chaotic under Kelly. Structure and order are not enemies of accomplishment. The President may be nuts, but he isn’t stupid.

Until Trump matures to an adult, there will be chaos.

Calm will always be relative with this White House… this appointment might calm things down a bit – but it will always be far more stormy than any other President in our nation’s history.

This is a step in the right direction but not a total fix.

Certainly hope so, but the media will try to keep the drama going.

Answered “will set things straight.” Didn’t have the option of choosing “forever” or “for a while.” If I had a choice, I’d choose “will set things straight for a while.”

No changes unless Donald’s thumbs are removed.

Kelly will improve things somewhat compared to Reince Priebus, but no one can control the Donald. I expect that Kelly will be fired or resign within two years because he will try to protect the President from himself and the President will not appreciate it.

No COS can control Trump. Hope Kelly can exert some sense into WH situation, but the wild card is the President, who seems oblivious to his own blunders. Trump is the poster child for egomania.