Cycling Utah surveys SLC Council candidates on bicycling in Salt Lake City, the source for bicycling in the region, recently surveyed each of the candidates running for Salt Lake City Council on their views on cycling in the city.

Dave Iltis, editor of Cycling Utah, said, “Cycling is a healthy and fun form of transportation and recreation that improves the livability, health, and economy of Salt Lake City. Since the Salt Lake City Council works to set and approve policy and budget for the city, we asked these questions to provide information to Salt Lake City’s citizens regarding each candidate’s outlook on cycling.”

The survey consisted of 11 questions on cycling within Salt Lake City. Each candidate was asked about their vision and views on topics such as transportation cycling, recreational cycling, the Complete Streets ordinance, affordable transportation, and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. Each candidate was also asked two district specific questions.

There are 19 people running for office. Cycling Utah reached out to each candidate for their response. To date, 15 of the 19 candidates have responded.

Cycling Utah encourages the citizens of Salt Lake City to vote in the primary and general election.

The survey responses are posted here: