National Headlines 8-9-17

Poll: Voters support Trump-backed immigration bill (Politico)

Lawsuit Says Seattle’s ‘Tax-the-Rich’ Measure Violates State Constitution (Wall Street Journal)

Mattis warns North Korea to stop actions that would ‘lead to end of regime’ (Reuters)

Republicans playing defense in August recess (The Hill)

Unarmed Russian Air Force jet overflies the Pentagon, Capitol, CIA (CNN)

US embassy employees in Cuba possibly subject to ‘acoustic attack’ (CNN)

McConnell, Trump point fingers (The Hill)

Gym owner displays vulgar sign to ban police officers, military members from using facility (New York Daily News)

Why more workers are copying Trump’s ‘working vacation’ (CBS News)

Former attorney for Loretta Lynch now working for congressional probe of former AG (Washington Times)

Contentious Memo Strikes Nerve Inside Google and Out (New York Times)