High Hopes for the New Year

I always enjoy this time of year, and I sincerely hope that it is a wonderful season for all of you.  
Susan joins me in sending our best wishes.

It is also a good time to think about what will happen in the coming year.   

I did that, and below you will find a few of my hopes for the coming year:

  • More national political leaders will value solutions over political posturing, even if it requires compromise.
  • The Utah Legislature and the Governor will take more than miniscule steps to increase educational financial support.
  • The Utah State Legislature will use the current “surplus” to start moving aggressively to address those education funding needs.
  • We will learn from the Swallow debacle:  just trusting political leaders is naiveté.  Strong ethical requirements in Utah (and elsewhere) must be instituted.
  • The “Count My Vote” initiative will achieve the required number of signatures and be  accepted by Utah citizens.
  • Utah students will continue the improvement demonstrated in recent improved graduation rates.
  • Educators will feel appreciated for their daily service to Utah children!

I recognize it is an optimistic list.   If only a few of these see progress, it will be a success.  

If all bear fruit, it would be a miracle.  If none of them see significant inroads, I will be disappointed.

But Christmas is a time of hope, and I am hopeful!