Despite Washington dysfunction, Hatch scores legislative victory as Rapid DNA becomes law


Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, a member and former Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, offered the following statement after his Rapid DNA legislation became law. Rapid DNA is Hatch’s 769th legislative proposal that has become law.

“It’s clear Washington isn’t functioning the way it should,” Hatch said. “Gridlock and dysfunction have hindered our ability to advance a commonsense agenda for the American people. But this legislative victory is an example of the way Washington is supposed to work. My bill represents a bipartisan effort four years in the making. It empowers our local law enforcement officers—from Salt Lake to St. George and all across the country—to protect our communities and keep criminals off the streets.”

Last month, Senator Hatch and Elizabeth Smart visited the Utah State Crime Lab to discuss the powerful impact Rapid DNA will have in apprehending dangerous criminals, such as those who kidnapped Smart a decade ago.  

Just this week, Senator Hatch participated in a demonstration of Rapid DNA alongside Greg and Heidi Miller. In 2010, Heidi’s mother was murdered in cold blood in a case that remains unsolved. The Millers believe tools like Rapid DNA will go a long way in solving similar tragic cases.

Senator Hatch’s Rapid DNA bill has been championed by law enforcement groups around the country, and the following organizations have sent letters of support for the bill: