Local Headlines 8-21-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Rio Grande cleanup will fail because it addresses symptoms, not cause

Chris Stewart: Loose lips of press leaks do indeed sink ships

Op-ed: Utah students and teachers need real middle school health, PE and art

Editorial: It’s time to join the homeless effort

John Curtis locks down the Republican nomination in the 3rd District race, as Chris Herrod concedes

Mia Love says she’ll support ‘any changes’ in the White House after Bannon firing

Leaders say crackdown brought ‘remarkable’ change near SLC homeless shelter. But has the exodus changed nearby areas for the worse?

Gehrke: Utah needs to think about security above all as it buys new voting machines

Special-group license plates show Utahns love their colleges, wildlife, pets and veterans

Landfill near the Great Salt Lake could become one of the nation’s largest industrial waste repositories

Deseret News

Frank R. Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb: Negative ads lose big in Curtis 3rd District win

Mike Lee and Lane Beattie: Collaboration is our blueprint for success

Op-ed: Why you should consider the Libertarian candidate for the 3rd District

Editorial: 3rd District primary retaught Utahns important lessons

‘The storm’ is over: Gardiner sworn in as new recorder; embattled deputy is out

Utah jobless rate edges up slightly to 3.5 percent

John Curtis sews up 3rd District GOP victory; Herrod concedes

Provo mayoral candidates holding out for second place vote count

After a week of arrests, Operation Rio Grande leaders focus on treatment

Multimillion-dollar effort underway to help the Logan River

Task force considering new revenue models for transportation infrastructure


Editorial: Utah County continues to struggle with criminal justice (Daily Herald)

Herrod concedes 3rd Congressional District primary to John Curtis after more results released (Daily Herald)

Many Utah County races become clearer with latest results (Daily Herald)

Bountiful mayoral hopefuls’ messages focus on listening, inspiring trust (Standard-Examiner)

A tense, but rollicking, campaign may await Williams, Beerman (Park Record)