Fox Files: ’30 Year Anniversary’

We celebrate our organization’s 30 year anniversary this week at our annual meeting. We’re excited to share our fiscal year results, to honor 3 amazing individuals and organizations, and to provide a look forward on what the future will bring for EDCUtah. 

I don’t want to steal our own thunder, but we had a pretty great year with respect to job creation, capital investment, real estate absorption, and project generation. The finalized numbers will be available on Tuesday and we’re really looking forward to reporting on them to you. Those amazing results are a testament to our team. My hat goes off to my wonderful colleagues and co-workers for executing a great program and for maintaining focus on the mission during a period of transition. The credit also goes to you, our partners, for being partners in a very true sense of the word. We pulled together and accomplished great things as a result. 

Going through the awards process helped me reflect on the outstanding caliber of individuals and organizations we have in this community. Our awards panel had an accomplished and deserving slate of nominees to choose from. We will have the distinct pleasure of honoring someone who has had a 30 year impact on our organization. We will further honor an individual who understands the true value of collaboration and public, private partnershipping. And finally, we will honor one of a series of selfless acts that has led to this state and this region being an amazing place to live and work. 

Finally, we will talk about what you can expect from our organization over the next several years. You’ve already seen us deliver on our promise to not only be your marketing partner, but to be your product development advisor as well through the creation of our Public Development Department. You’ve seen us elevate our utilization of data tools to help us and our partners make better decisions. Our commitment to you is that our organization will continue to prioritize transparency, collaboration, and focus on our mission. We will accomplish many of these goals through the adoption of an enhanced membership model that will help us be more clear to you about what you can expect from us. Additionally, our enhanced membership model will ensure we have a spot at the table for investors who believe in our mission and with whom we can work side by side to help advance economic prosperity in the State.