Fox Files: ‘SLC International’

A small team from EDCUtah and the Governor’s Office toured the Salt Lake City International Airport new terminal construction last week, and it’s really hard to draft a note describing the incredible scale of the rebuild. I honestly needed to see it myself to comprehend the scope. 

Here are a few key bits of information I took away from our visit: 
  • Cap-Ex: $3.1 Billion rebuild funded through airport cash, bonds, grants, and fees. No tax increase to fund the program!
  • Construction Employees: 600 today with up to 2,000 during peak construction times
  • 4,500 tons of structural steel
  • 16 cranes, each of which requires an FAA permit


  • 2020: parking garage, new terminal, and portions of the new concourse will be complete
  • 2023-2024: Additional phases will be complete
  • Length of the new concourse: 1,300 yards 
  • Project Team: A joint venture between Big D and Holder, using over 60 local subs 
  • Regional draw: SLC draws from about a 300-mile radius 
  • # of passengers today: 23 Million/year 
  • Sustainability: the new airport will be built to LEED Gold standards
Obviously, having an international airport and a great partnership with Delta and the other airlines helps fuel our regional growth as a community and is a tremendous asset for our growing state. It was really impressive to see the project under construction, and I encourage you to sign up for additional updates from SLC. Click here to join their mailing list: