National Headlines 9-27-17

Trump preparing executive order to let Americans purchase health insurance across state lines (Washington Examiner)

Zuckerberg defends Facebook against Trump attack (The Hill)

House GOP poised to move $10 billion for border wall (The Hill)

So many storms: After Harvey and Irma, can a thinly stretched FEMA come through for Puerto Rico? (Los Angeles Times)

FBI Director: Terrorist Drones ‘Coming Here Imminently’ (Daily Caller)

Conservative victory in Alabama deepens split among Republicans, as insurgents challenge incumbent senators (Los Angeles Times)

Steve Bannon’s hard-right embraces season of war inside GOP (McClatchy)

Why didn’t TV networks show angry, booing NFL fans Sunday or Monday? (Sporting News)

Trump Proposes the Most Sweeping Tax Overhaul in Decades (New York Times)

JPMorgan Suggests Bet Against CBS Amid NFL Anthem Controversy (Bloomberg)

Stocks, bond yields, dollar up after Trump tax plan (Reuters)