Local Headlines 10-4-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Chevron’s Fuel Your Schools grants in Utah widened to cover basic student needs such as food, clothing

Federal oil and gas leases mired in protests over pollution worries for Utah’s Uinta Basin

Why a federal nominee who lives and works in Utah insists that he’s from Colorado

New West Davis freeway receives final green light

Utah lawmakers let parents opt out of vaccinating their kids without having to acknowledge health risks

Big money fueling ballot drives for schools and medical pot and against gerrymandering

After Vegas shooting, Congress to hold off on gun silencer legislation — for now

Salt Lake City Council votes to have Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Columbus Day

Utah Democrats cheer for gerrymandering case at Supreme Court

Will Utah join most of America and pay for long-acting birth control for low-income women?

SLCO Council votes to fund more prosecutors for Operation Rio Grande

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Getting around is cheaper today, but it’s not clear why

Jenet Erickson: What millennial, Mormon gender equality really looks like

Op-ed: In search of refuge from the noise of partisan conflict

Editorial: Operation Rio Grande cannot be a success until the revolving door shuts

Putin tells Huntsman current ties between U.S., Russia ‘cannot satisfy us’

Legislature working to pave way for driverless cars

Hatch pushing to renew funding for children’s insurance law

West Davis highway gets federal stamp of approval

Indigenous Peoples to share holiday with Columbus in Salt Lake City

Wife of Cedar City firefighter among those killed in Las Vegas mass shooting

Mitt Romney endorses John Curtis in 3rd Congressional District race

Debate gets heated, but district attorney gets extra bodies to prosecute Rio Grande cases


Park City Main Street Deli owners recall visits from Bill Clinton (Park Record)