Google Fiber to open signups for residents and small businesses in Northwest Salt Lake City

Continuing with its planned expansion, Google Fiber this week opened signups for residents in Northwest Salt Lake City.

The new eligible service area includes Salt Lake City’s Jordan Meadows and Westpointe communities, located between 400 North to 1100 North, and from Redwood Road to I-215.

“Salt Lake City has been working hard to develop innovative and improved approaches to construction projects of this size and scope,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “We are excited to see Google Fiber continue to fulfill its promise of bringing faster speeds to Salt Lake City residents. Its super fast internet creates healthy competition and benefits education and the economy throughout the city.”

In just over a year of providing service in SLC, Google Fiber is now serving residents from the northwest to the southeast quadrants of Salt Lake City and neighborhoods in-between. Google Fiber continues to build out its Fiber network in other areas of Salt Lake City.

Google Fiber also provides service to residents and businesses in Provo, along with eight other metro areas across the United States.

Google Fiber is a super fast Internet and TV service built on a fiber network. Fiber offers Internet speeds up to 1,000 mbps – 1 gigabit – along with TV service that includes 220+ channels and a DVR that records eight shows at once.

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