National Headlines 10-9-17

New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun (FOX News)

Ivanka Trump tunes out noise, takes on tax overhaul fight (Associated Press)

Media Give Trump Most Negative Presidential Coverage in 25 Years (Epoch Times)

Michelle Obama In 2013: Harvey Weinstein Is ‘A Wonderful Human Being’ (The Federalist)

Weinstein sexual harassment controversy exposes Hollywood’s double standard (Los Angeles Times)

This die-hard Democratic city is about to turn Republican (New York Post)

If Trump doesn’t deal on DACA, some Democrats threaten a government shutdown (Washington Post)

EPA chief Scott Pruitt tells coal miners he will repeal power plant rule Tuesday: ‘The war against coal is over’ (Washington Post)

Lizz Winstead: ‘Really Disappointed’ In Obama, Clinton For Not Denouncing Harvey Weinstein (RealClearPolitics)

US Army chief: ‘No risk-free options’ on North Korea (CNN)

Dianne Feinstein confronts a race for a sixth US Senate term — and her party’s shift to the left (Los Angeles Times)