October 10, 2017 National

  • President Donald Trump has reportedly grown frustrated with chief of staff John Kelly, bristling at the disciplined style Kelly has imposed on the West Wing. Their relationship will be further tested now that the fall season at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is getting underway as Kelly will struggle to keep Trump from soliciting advice from resort members and friends [Vanity Fair].
  • White House sources say President Donald Trump is lashing out, trying to bolster his standing with his populist base which is threatening to further stall his legislative agenda. The Twitter spat with Sen. Bob Corker is just the latest sign of Trump’s volatility spilling out into the open [Washington Post].
  • White House staffers say they use delay tactics and distractions to “pen in” President Trump and prevent him from making gut decisions that could have wide-ranging consequences [Politico].
  • President Trump’s public Twitter fight with Sen. Bob Corker could put his plans for tax reform in jeopardy [New York Times].
  • President Trump may visit the Demilitarized Zone during his visit to South Korea in November [Bloomberg].
  • Democrats say their chances of taking control of the Senate after the 2018 election are growing, and Republicans are starting to get nervous about the prospect [Politico].
  • Russia investigation:
    • We’re learning more about how Russian operatives used social media to sow discord and spread information among American voters during the 2016 election [New York Times].
    • Google says they’ve discovered thousands of dollars of advertisements purchased by Russians on their platform to disseminate misinformation during the election [Washington Post].
    • An attorney for the Russian billionaire who pushed for a meeting between senior Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer says they have documents showing that meeting was not to pass along dirt on Hillary Clinton [CNN].
  • Las Vegas: The timeline of last week’s massacre has changed. Now, police say the gunman shot at a hotel security guard before he began mowing down attendees at an outdoor concert [Los Angeles Times].
  • Puerto Rico: Nearly three weeks after Hurricane Maria roared across the island, relief workers are still struggling to get needed aid into the hands of residents [USA Today].
  • The EPA announces they will begin repealing Obama-era regulations designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants [New York Times].
  • Deadly wildfires are sweeping across Northern California. The blazes have already killed 10 and injured at least 100. More than 1,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed [Associated Press].

On this day in history:

  • 1888 – 40 years after construction began, the Washington Monument opens to the public.
  • 1963 – The Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty comes into effect.
  • 1967 – Marxist revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara is executed by the Bolivian military.