Sen. Mike Lee: ‘I’m certain’ President Trump has lied (with video)

Sen. Mike Lee says even though President Donald Trump doesn’t always tell the truth, it shouldn’t derail conservatives from pushing their political agenda.

During Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Lee was asked about Sen. Jeff Flake’s speech laying out all the times that President Trump has publicly lied. Lee said Trump’s tenuous relationship with the truth shouldn’t distract from conservative policy goals. 

From Mediaite:

“I just want to understand what that means,” Brzezinski asked. “Does the President of the United States lie? Has he ever lied?”


“I’m certain that he has, but my purpose to come here today, it is not to focus on those things,” said Lee. “My purpose is to call on my colleagues, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, to get behind the agenda of trying to reform the government and make it work for the people, rather than the other way around.”


Brzezinski also pressed Lee on whether Trump is “making a farce of conservatism” by fighting with political enemies and engaging in his usual, unpredictable behavior. Lee argued that if everyone was preoccupied with political disputes all the time, it would get in the way of all efforts to address public concerns.

Watch below via MSNBC.