National Headlines 10-25-17

A year of Clinton lies about the Trump dossier exposed as Hillary’s lawyer is under fire for falsely denying paying for it (Daily Mail)

The Trump dossier was Clinton’s dirtiest political trick (New York Post)

Obama-era uranium deal yields new questions, new accusations and new investigation (CNN)

Las Vegas shooter’s laptop missing its hard drive (ABC News)

Federal judge refuses to order the Trump administration to resume ACA payments (Washington Post)

A Half-Century Later, Papers May Shed Light on JFK Assassination (New York Times)

For the first time, a majority of Republicans support marijuana legalization (Washington Post)

Flake’s exit gives GOP new hope in Arizona (The Hill)

Next Fed Chair Will Help Determine Pace Of Interest Rate Hikes (NPR)

Everything to Know About President Donald Trump’s New Drone Program (Fortune)

Time for the Feds to Say What They Know About Kaspersky (WIRED)