National Headlines 11-6-17

CNN, others hyperventilate over President Trump’s perfectly fine fish-feeding (Washington Post)

Democrats are desperate to avoid a culture war with Trump in 2018 (McClatchy)

Secret Service arrest man near White House who wanted to kill ‘all white police’ (FOX News)

Comey draft statement on Clinton emails called her actions ‘grossly negligent,’ new memos show (FOX News)

Anthony Weiner reports to prison (CNN)

Donna Brazile Says She Faced Sexism From Top Hillary Clinton Aides (HuffPost)

New Details on Rand Paul Assault: Sneak Attack, Possible Political Dispute (NBC News)

Four Viral Claims Spread by Journalists on Twitter in the Last Week Alone That Are False (The Intercept)

Transgender Makeup Artist Leads Thousands of Occultists in Monthly Hexes on Trump (PJ Media)

Texas Gov. Abbot: Gunman was denied gun permit (The Hill)

Despite the chaos, Trump has managed to push the most conservative agenda in a generation (Los Angeles Times)